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"Great App This app does just what it says it will. Helps me keep up with all my family members and track all symptoms. Thank you! Also I bought the full version it's worth it to have all your info BA key up."


"Great app! Love it! Makes it easy to track when the kiddos are sick, what medicines they took and when they saw the Dr. I also like that the symptoms pretty specific."


"Great! Easy to use and a great way to keep a track of my family's health. Thanks!"


"Exactly what I was looking for! This app lets you track symptoms for your whole family or just yourself. It's easy to customize by adding your own symptoms to the already extensive list. Next time you need to visit the doctor, you won't have any trouble answering questions about how often something is happening."


"A Excellent medical app Great job indeed helps report every thing you need about your health so when you go to the doctor you can tell them everything that happen on this or that day everybody need this app highly recommend..."


"Very good app to keep track record of family illness. Every smart phone should have it."

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