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Medicalog -

The easiest way to keep track your family health!

MEDICALOG is a great app for convenient reporting and display of medical history, which will help you see the "big picture", whether it's for you' your kids or your elderly parents.Knowledge is power, and this app puts this power in your hands! By using this app you will have the knowledge base for better medical care for your loved ones. When your medical data is well documented and saved, it can produce vast knowledge to improve your family's well being and overall health.

Kid's sick...? Again...?

Do you feel like you are losing track of your family's health?

When was someone sick last?  What was it then?

Did the treatment you give actually help?

What doctor did you see?

How many times did the kids stay home and with whom?


So many questions…. Help!!


Who can keep track?! 

We have the solution for you!

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